General weather today:

The upper level flow will be from the north. On the southern side of the Alps, the foehn will blow.

General weather tomorrow:

An intermediate high will ensure more stable and sunny conditions.

Weather today:

In the afternoon, there will be a mix of sun and clouds. Towards the evening, the tendency of showers will increase in the southern parts of the region.

Temp. min.: 8°
Temp. max.: 16°

Temperatures will reach 9° to 18°.

Weather tomorrow:

Sunshine will predominate across the region. In the afternoon, some cumulus clouds will form over the mountains, but it will remain dry.

Temp. min.: 2°
Temp. max.: 16°

Temperatures will remain too cool for the time of year. In the afternoon highs between 10° and 17°.

Mountain weather today:

It will be dry into the afternoon with sunny spells. Towards evening, short snow showers are possible in the southern mountain ranges. It will remain windy and cold.

Temperature in 2.000m: -2°
Temperature in 3.000m: -11°
0° limit: 1800 m

Mountain weather tomorrow:

The sun will initially shine on the mountains. During the day, cumuliform clouds will develop, but they will remain mostly harmless.

Temperature in 2.000m: -2°
Temperature in 3.000m: -10°
0° limit: 1700 m

Weather development

On Friday cloudy weather with some sunny spells with light rain in places. Saturday will continue with lots of clouds and only a short sunny spells. Sunday will begin mostly cloudy. during the day more sunshine. In the south, temperatures will rise above 20° again. On Monday widespread sunshine and it will be much warmer.

Friday 26.04 Saturday 27.04 Sunday 28.04
5 / 16° 7 / 17° 9 / 20°

Source: Hydrographic office Autonomous province of Bozen and Weather South Tyrol

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