A team for all purposes

Welcome! A smile, a handshake, a feeling – the ‘ideally cared for’ feeling. At the Wiesenhof hotel, you have that from the very first moment. Numerous industrious hands work in front of and behind the scenes to provide your full package, a feel-good atmosphere, and your many holiday pleasures down to the last detail. Do you have any questions? Our team has the answers. Your wishes are our command at our hotel in St. Leonhard – we read your mind even before you say it. From the chambermaid to the breakfast cook, to our boss, Leo: ‘We love our jobs and we are there for you!’

What our guests say about us

‘My island is the Wiesenhof in St. Leonhard! A good place to recharge your batteries, to feel good, to get away from it all, to meet acquaintances anew every year. Why the Wiesenhof? Well, because hospitality is lived here with a very personal touch, from all the many good souls who work left, right, and centre for various guests. Plus: swimming pool, wellness, guided hikes, phenomenal cuisine, and many other little feel-good gems. Others have them too, of course, but the groove of Wiesenhof is only to be found here. And my personal insider tip: Always good for a short visit, too.‘
David-André Beeler

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