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Wiesenhof: Sport, Wellness & Relax Massages


Beneficial massages

"Massages, which confer the gift of release,
are given by the heart, directed by the soul,
and always bear the name of attentiveness."

NEW! Wiesenhof massage

...our classic massage...
 with a fragrant herbal oil the skin is pampered and at the same time your muscles are relaxed and loosened. A soothing eye cushion and a warm neck pillow are applied at the end of the treatment. All-round program for the whole body.

€ 65

Hiking massage

...fit after the hike...
It is the legs and the back that are most stressed during an active trip. The ideal combination of active ingredients in this massage brings back lightness to the body and gives new energy. Leg and back muscles are loosened and regenerated.

€ 68

Intensive massage for the back

...the back in the center...
the tense back and neck muscles are loosened and strengthened by individually adjusted massage grips By using the cupping technique the blood circulation is additionally promoted and adhesions of the tissue are loosened. The massage is rounded off with a warm neck cushion.

€ 71

NEW! Leg massage

With a peeling glove the blood circulation is stimulated and at the same time a smooth skin feeling is created. The massage that follows lets tired, strained legs breathe again and makes you fit for the next sports experience. The effect is further prolonged with arnica balsam or a cooling leg gel.

€ 65
(50 min.)

NEW! Relaxing head and neck massage

...release tensions and blockages...
special massage grips and precisely effective plant extracts gently relieve tension in the head, neck and shoulder area. Deep touches and an individual application technique ensure pleasant relaxation.

€ 71

NEW! Aromatouch

...a fragrance journey...
The gentle, rhythmic touch works in harmony with the aroma and oils that penetrate deep into the tissue. Body, mind and soul can fully enjoy - pure relaxation for the body. Stress reduction, reduction of
final inflammation and support of the
immune system are only some of the positive effects. Let yourself be guided by harmonious movements and a variety of scents.

€ 75

NEW! Aromatouch+

Your hands are the center of attention... ...give them a break.

€ 36

NEW! Herbal stamp massage

...natural herbal power...
An effective and intensive whole body treatment with valuable natural oils and selected herbal mixtures. The herbal pistils are heated and passed over the body with gentle pressure and intensive tapping. Energetic and well-balanced start.

€ 75

Back fit

...warmth and touch...
Enjoy a mountain moor fango pack in our water softpack at the beginning. Afterwards the back is massaged with deep - reaching massage grips and strengthened at the same time.

€ 68

Lymph stimulating massage

...decongested, detoxified, released...
These light touches not only let you switch off your head, but also get your body's water balance going. Water retention is relieved and harmony is brought into the body.

€ 68

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