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Wiesenhof: Sport, Wellness & Relax Facial treatments

Facial treatments

Cosmetic facial treatments à la Team Dr. Joseph e Ericson Laboratoire

... because beautiful skin is never an accident


True beauty arises from the harmony of body, mind and soul. The inner life found in true balance carries a positive effect on the outer appearance, instilling attractiveness and radiance, youth and vitality.

Intensively cleansing facial treatment

Deep-acting beauty care. A wonderfully natural active ingredient care specifically tailored to your skin needs with immediate effect and a deeply relaxing Pampering program according to the method team dr. Joseph: Skin diagnostics, eyebrows correct, lymph stimulating massage, exfoliation, cleansing, deep cleansing with cupping glasses, special serum, facial massage, intensive mask and a final individual day care. With highly effective natural active ingredients for a healthy and well-groomed skin.

€ 98
(80 Min.)

Small facial treatment

Intensively cleansing facial. Skin type specific deep cleansing after the Method Team dr. Joseph: your skin? Pure and delicate. Her face? Radiant. Your feeling? Clear and energetic. Gentle lymph stimulating massage, peeling, deep cleansing with Cupping glasses, relaxing mask and a skin-specific day care. For one visibly fresher complexion and a vital charisma.

€ 68
(50 Min.)

Facial treatment for Him

Facial treatment for the man after the method Team dr. Joseph. Powerful, close to nature, powerful: skin diagnostics, peeling, deep cleansing, special serum, Intensive mask with facial massage and a final individual day care. Natural high-tech power for powerful and well-groomed charisma.

€ 68
(50 Min.)

Teeny facial treatment

Especially for young skin. Cleaning, peeling, facial steam bath, cleansing, ampoule, special pack and care tips.

€ 80
(80 Min.)

Skinjexion: curative treatment

High performance wrinkle reduction
This treatment is a gentle alternative to wrinkle injection and allows a natural rejuvenation of the facial features.

€ 90
(80 Min.)

Treatment of the eye part

The eye part - THE SENSITIVE FACE ZONE Regenerates the claimed eye part: wrinkles, tear-bags and eye-rings.

Indications & EFFECTS:
• For the eye area, which is characterized by fatigue, age and stress
• For smoothing wrinkles in the eye area
• To lighten the eye rings
• Swelling of swollen eyelids
• Gives new youthfulness and fresh air
• Depending on the needs (folds, tear - sacks, or eye - rings) of the customer becomes the eyes are treated with special care products

€ 40
(30 Min.)


The holistic maximum program according to the method team dr. Joseph: intensive care with biodynamic lifting massage according to your skin needs. Experience a truly unique beauty treatment with skin diagnostics, Correct eyebrows, lymph stimulating massage, exfoliation, cleansing. deep cleansing with cupping glasses, special serum, bioenergetischer Blütenstempel-LiftingMassage, Intensive mask and a final individual day care. High-tech nature for lasting effect, immediate visibility and maximum effect.

€ 138
(110 Min.)

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