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Wiesenhof: Sport, Wellness & Relax Body masks on the softpack bed

Body masks on the softpack bed

Soft pack bed treatments have a nurturing and relaxing effect. Your body floats on warm water during the
treatment. Your joints, spine and skeleton are completely unburdened. Relaxation and warming of the muscles. The warmth opens the pores, increases circulation and allows for optimal absorption of the mask's effects.

NEW! Care package

...evening primrose, honey, goat butter...
with valuable evening primrose oil, as well as the rich goat butter, the skin is properly moisturized. The honey gives your skin a smooth feeling and lets it shine.

€ 46

NEW! Muscle joint pack

.....Mountain marsh fango, arnica, St. John's wort, rosemary...
The back muscles and joints are given energy again. Blood circulation, antispasmodic and regenerating for the whole body.

€ 49

Hay Pack

...the smell of mountain pastures in the hovering bed...
The mountain hay from the Passeier valley increases the well-being and strengthens the immune system. The scent of the essential oils contained in the hay lets you escape for a short time to an alpine meadow and return full of balance.

€ 52

Algae pack

...pure detox...
This remineralizing body wrap purifies and detoxifies the whole body. The metabolism is stimulated and at the same time the whole body is drained.

€ 49

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