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Wiesenhof: Sport, Wellness & Relax Sauna Set

Sauna Set

The sauna is a textile-free zone. Always enter the saunas without bathing clothing, so that the radiant heat reaches your skin unhindered and the synthetic substances do not release toxins or substances when exposed to high temperatures. For more intimacy in the sauna system a towel can be worn. Use the steam bath without bath sandals and without towel. Enter the drying booth without bath sandals with a towel (protection of the wood and hygiene) and cover the entire wood surface (seat and foot area). For a correct saunas, please observe the following rules:

  • Do not visit the sauna either hungry or full stomach
  • Enjoy a shower before the sauna and dry yourself thoroughly before entering the cabin
  • Enter the sauna with heated body, a foot bath in advance promotes the sweating additionally
  • Visit the cabin for 10 to 15 minutes depending on your personal well-being
  • Cool down after the sauna. First, the airways should be cooled with fresh air, then the body by local cold fountains, starting from the arms and legs to the back and trunk, and finally also the head
  • Beneficial after the cooling is a gentle warming of the feet up to the ankle with a warm foot bath
  • Treat your body in a warm bathrobe enveloped a resting period of at least 30 minutes
  • Repeat the course a maximum of 3 times
  • Sauna infusions are performed by our Vitaltrainer. For further information, please contact our team at the Beauty-Vital-Club
  • Rest is the top priority in the area. We ask you to disturb other guests in the area, in the sauna area, in the saunapool and in the resting zone. Children are allowed to use the wellness area only with their parents

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