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Wiesenhof: Sport, Wellness & Relax Our Sauna Ficilities

Our sauna facilities for well-being and relaxation

Bio sauna (60 degrees) in the Wellness Alp

This type of sauna is the gentle version of the Finnish sauna. It has a positive effect on the skin while supporting health and protecting the circulatory system. Air moisture: 40%

Steam bath (45-48 degrees) in the Wellness Alp

The steam bath is a pleasant sweat bath with an ideal combination of heat and moisture. It conveys benefits for the respiratory passages while relaxing and cleansing, and caring for your skin. Air moisture: 90-100%

Infrared cabin (38-55 degrees) in the Wellness Alp

The secret of this heat cabin is the special property of beneficial radiant heat which reaches the body directly via the radiant rays, rather than through the intermediate ambient air. One benefit is significantly higher production of sweat, dissolving tensions and alleviating back pains. Both the skin and the deeper body come alive again. After a session in the infrared cabin, you will feel revitalised and full of energy for new challenges!

Aroma bath in the Wellness Alp

Enjoy this extraordinary experience for all the senses and get your energy flowing again.

Bio Blockhaussauna - Wellness Lounge (outdoor)

A soothing, regenerating form of sauna is the biosauna. This type of sauna is the gentle version of the Finnish sauna. The biosauna is a softsauna with moderate humidity of about 40% and a temperature of 60 degrees. By adding fragrances, physical and mental well-being is enhanced. It has a skin-protecting, health-promoting effect and can be saunate in the circulation. The bio sauna is also suitable as an entrance to the Finnish sauna. Temperature: 60 degrees / humidity: 40%

Sense sauna (Finnish sauna) - Wellness Lounge

Our sensory sauna is for the right sauna pleasure. For a correct use of the sauna we ask you to observe the following simple rules: Start with a shower, enter the sauna with a towel and lay or sit for 12-15 minutes, we recommend the last 2 to 3 Minutes to sit; Afterwards you step out and shower cold or refresh with a cool mist, afterwards you rest for 10 to 15 minutes or move in the fresh air. Repeat the entire process a second or third time. The internal temperature is between 85 and 95 degrees Celsius with 15-20% humidity. At the end, you'll be fine.

Infrared cabin Non-contact skin temperature measurement - Wellness Lounge

SensoCare, that is to say, special heat sensors in the radiator, measure the temperature in the directly irradiated back area without contact during the entire application. On the basis of these measured values, the infrared intensity is automatically determined Continuously regulated. The heat supply is individually adapted to the current needs of the individual. SensoCare® ensures an optimal heat input and at the same time prevents thermal overloading of the skin - especially in persons with reduced sensitivity or impaired heat regulation. Healthy sweating already from 30 degrees.

Steam bath - Wellness Lounge

The ultimate salt cleansing steam bath for radiant and soft skin. The nebulized salt penetrates directly into your upper skin layer with a highly cleansing effect. Your skin is then soft as silk! 37 - 40 degrees, 100% humidity.

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